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Everything you need in a modern bank and more.

100% digital bank

Our 100% digital bank service, where banking convenience meets cutting-edge technology. Manage your finances effortlessly anytime, anywhere, with top-notch security and user-friendly interfaces.

Watch your money grow

Grow your wealth effortlessly with our bank's innovative investment options and personalized financial guidance. From tailored portfolios to expert advice, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals with confidence!

Plant Credit card
Free debit card included

When you sign up, enjoy the perks of a free debit card, providing convenient access to your funds anytime, anywhere. Experience seamless transactions and effortless money management with our hassle-free banking solution.


Everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Tranfser money to anyone, instantly! No fees, no BS.

With our bank, transfer money to anyone instantly, without any fees or hassle. Enjoy the freedom of seamless transactions and convenient money transfers, no strings attached.

Buy a home or make your dreams come true, with instant loans.

Gain instant access to loans with our bank, providing financial flexibility whenever you need it most. Experience hassle-free borrowing with quick approvals and transparent terms, empowering you to seize opportunities without delay.

No longer need your account? No problem! Close it instantly.

Close your accounts anytime with our bank, offering ultimate flexibility and control over your finances. Experience the freedom to manage your banking journey on your terms, hassle-free and without constraints.

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Millions of Bankists are already making their lifes simpler.

Best financial decision ever!
Joining Banking NZ was hands down the best decision I ever made. Their intuitive digital platform made managing my finances a breeze, and their personalized customer service exceeded all expectations. With Banking NZ, I feel empowered and in control of my financial future like never before.
Aarav Lynn

Wellington, New Zealand

The last step to becoming a complete minimalist
Banking NZ's minimalist features have streamlined my financial life beautifully. Their simple yet powerful interface makes managing money effortless and enjoyable. Thanks to Banking NZ, I finally have the clarity and focus I need to stay on top of my finances.
Miyah Miles

Christchurch, New Zealand

Finally free from old-school banks
Banking NZ's modern approach to banking has liberated me from the frustrations of traditional banks. With their innovative services and commitment to transparency, I finally feel free from the constraints of old-school banking. Thanks to Banking NZ, managing my finances has become a seamless and rewarding experience.
Francisco Gomes

Auckland, New Zealand

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